Using B2B to Your Advantage

When needing a service can be a little bit daunting, you never know who you’re going to get or how well they are going to perform. If you use your local businesses for the service, there is no worry about that anymore.

 There are also so many more benefits with using your local businesses.

  • Improving the local economy

Using your local businesses improves the local economy significantly – those businesses have to pay tax to the local government, increasing the government’s expenditure within the community so money can be spent on things that need improving/changing.

  • Better customer service

When somebody in your community is helping you, they are more likely to perform to a high standard as they don’t want to let you down. You can also build relationships for any further services, as you are interacting face to face, which builds up trust massively.

  • Lower costs

Local businesses are likely to have a lower cost for running their business as they aren’t dealing with chain suppliers and their premises are local. This then leads to lower cost for the business owners, resulting in lower costs for customers compared to dealing with a chain company where prices would be extortionate.

Our local businesses

Some of our local businesses of Bury St Edmonds have been around for years and have built an amazing relationship with the community.

ELC Roofing LTD are specialised in roofing expertise, repairing and replacing them. They have worked amongst local listed period buildings as well as projects for new builds. They also provide many other services, one being loft insulation which is perfect as it is coming into those winter months.

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