UK Qualifications

Why Have Such a Guide?
Have you ever asked yourself the following kinds of questions when looking to recruit someone with a qualification from further or higher education?
  • Why should I recruit someone with a qualification, like an NVQ – what does it prove to me as an employer?
  • Is it better to employ someone with A levels or should I get a young person with a National Diploma?
  • What benefits could a graduate bring to my business?
  • How do I know what someone with a BEng knows about practical engineering?
It has long been said by employers that it is difficult to understand the wide range of qualifications available at further and higher education levels. There are at least 50,000 awards available in the post 16 education sector. It is very time consuming for busy employers to wade their way through the individual qualifications to find out what each award signifies. A qualification title on its own won’t give information about the knowledge, skills and competences that someone who has that award will bring to the workplace.
This Qualifications Guide is intended to steer you to the information you require and to help you understand the range and levels of the different qualifications in the post 16 education sector.
Who is going to benefit?
Business needs to employ people who can bring value to an organisation and it is important that easily accessible information exists which will enable employers to select employees who will enhance the business.
We know that in a busy working day managers will not have the time to seek out information which is not easily accessible. This guide aims to benefit business by making the qualifications framework easier to understand.